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For many people, the idea of a solid timber home has been a life-long dream. IHC can help you take that dream and turn it into reality. Since 1966, we've been creating custom cedar and pine homes for families around the world. Our patented, interlocking laminated wall system gives you benefits no other home manufacturer can match.

Exceptional Beauty and Strength

Our homes are constructed from Inland Western Red Cedar or Ponderosa Pine. We select our raw materials carefully for beauty and a cellular structure that is finer, straighter and tighter than other lumber sources.

Rugged Durability

IHC precision interlocking timbers and strong adhesives produce an engineered home of superior strength. Many IHC homes have withstood earthquakes, hurricane force winds, heavy snow loads, and believe it or not, even fires, when other buildings have failed. Our 5x8 timbers are the only ones we know of that have passed a one hour commercial fire test. And pound for pound, IHC timbers are stronger than steel.

Superior Construction Craftsmanship

We won't sell a home unless we'd be proud to own it ourselves. You’ll find that your new IHC home will be MORE efficient on many levels. And during construction, you'll be amazed at how much faster your home takes shape than traditional construction methods. Since our engineered timbers have a uniform moisture content, they weigh dramatically less than a conventional log. Even our longest timbers can be set by hand! You'll save time and labor costs, waste will be minimal, and you’ll be moving in before you know it.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-friendly.

Over time, you'll appreciate how efficiently your IHC home maintains a comfortable temperature. Our timber walls provide superb thermal performance to minimize energy requirements and cost. We take nature’s best and improve it. Lumber from sustained yield second growth forests is kiln-dried and bonded in a glu-lam beam press to create stronger, more stable wall timbers. With exacting precision, each piece is machined to take its place in your home. What's more, our laminating process allows us to use second growth timber instead of old growth in our products, preserving natural resources.

Dream. Plan. Build.

Not sure where to begin? Our team of professionals will take the time to discuss your needs and wants in a home. They will work with you to develop exactly the right design for your lifestyle in 3-D, and guide you through the entire process. You can expect personal attention from drawing to delivery, and everything in between. You'll be pleasantly surprised how simple the process can be, and affordable too! Email us at or call 800-767-7674. Our representatives would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Custom Design Flexibility

Even though we have a wide selection of standard plans to choose from, no two IHC homes are exactly alike, because no two IHC customers are exactly alike. We treat EVERY home like a custom project. Your plan or ours. Or start from scratch. We'll take your dream and make it real.

Simple Streamlined Process

It all starts with an email to or a call to our IHC Corporate Office in Woodinville, Washington, at 800-767-7674. Or by contacting one of our IHC-authorized dealers. Click here to access our Dealer Locator map to find a dealer near you.

Comprehensive Packages

From doors and windows to floor and roof systems, IHC offers one of the most comprehensive packages in the industry with a wide range of options. So, you’ll be able to choose with ease the options you want from our wide selection of suppliers.Click here to review our Standard Package Specifications.

Minimal Maintenance

Our engineered timbers virtually eliminate the twisting and warping often experienced with traditional timber and log structures, as well as dramatically reducing shrinkage and splitting. In addition, our laminated timbers improve upon Inland Western Red Cedar's legendary pest resistance and durability.

Variety of Timber Profiles

IHC offers many choices in timber profiles with single or double tongue and groove. Our laminated cedar timbers with flat profiles (interior and exterior) have been a favorite for many homeowners. If a “log” look is more what you are after, our D-log profile wall timber is a great alternative – combining the rounded appearance of logs with engineered, interlocking timbers. The light color and inherent beauty of Inland Western Red Cedar works well in any setting.

We also offer some of our laminated timber profiles with Ponderosa Pine. We can work with you to choose the best combination of timber species and timber profile to meet the performance requirements for your building site, and to achieve the look to match your personal decorating style.

4x8 Cedar
5x8 Cedar
D-Log Cedar
Thermo-Lam III ®
Cedar Timber

4x8 Cedar
5x8 Cedar
D-Log Cedar
Thermo-Lam III ®
Cedar Stacked

Patented Interlocking System

5x8 With End Cap
5x8 Cedar Stack
Patented T-Joint
Interlocking System