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IHC Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can any of the IHC standard plans be modified?
A: We view every home we produce as a custom home, so there is no limit to how much you can change a standard plan.
Q: How do I get a free price quote on a custom home?
A: Send us your plans and sketches via fax, email, or postal mail. Let us know where you are planning to build, so we can factor the loads for your building site into the price of your custom home. We also invite you to fill out our Design Your Dream survey to better help us help you.
Q: How do I order my IHC plans and materials package?
A: Contact us to order plans and pay your plans deposit. 100% of this deposit will be credited to your materials package. You can order your materials package at the same time as plans, or at any future time by paying the Production Scheduling Deposit. IHC offers a discount if you want to pay in full up front for your materials package. Our design services are more affordable than what an Architect typically charges for a custom set of house plans, and the entire plans deposit is credited to the purchase of your materials. Plans for multifamily or commercial buildings can also be done. 
Q: Can I change the plans before I order the package?
A: Yes, we want your plans to reflect the exact home you want. After your approval of your plans, there are a number of free hours for changes to the design, but no limit on the amount of changes you can make.
Q: Can you tell me the average cost per square foot for the IHC package, as well as the finished cost per square foot?
A: Comparing the cost per square foot between different companies can be tricky. You first need to consider what is included in each company’s package. We offer one of the most complete packages in the Industry, so you must make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Our packages typically range between $60 to $95 per square foot. This compares very favorably with any other building system on the market of comparable quality and completeness. Finished costs typically come in at or below those of a custom stick built home for your given area and much less than log and timber frame homes. We would be happy to review costs for your project based on your location and specifications.
Q: After I order an IHC package, how long does it take for delivery?
A:The amount of time it takes for delivery depends on numerous factors, however the normal time frame to have an order shipped, after you approve the final plans and pay the Production Scheduling Deposit, is 8-12 weeks for the first truckload.
Q: How long will it take to dry in my home, or complete the exterior shell, once the IHC package arrives on site?
A: This depends on factors such as the size of crew and weather conditions, but typically with 4 people, a 1500 square foot package can be dried in within three to six weeks, if the foundation is ready when the package arrives. We are available for technical support for you or your builder on a day to day basis during normal office hours via our toll free number at 1-800-767-7674.
Q: Is cedar hard to maintain, especially the exterior?
A: The exterior of your new home needs to be properly finished as soon as possible, however if properly done with a good quality finish, then it should not have to be re-finished for at least 5 to 7 years. We have experienced some cedar homes in Alaska, that have gone up to 9 years without any exterior maintenance. The interior finish of our homes usually last 20-30 years or more, after a clear finish is applied to the cedar timbers.
Q: Still have questions?
A: Email us at or call 800-767-7674. We'd be happy to answer any questions you still may have about IHC homes or commercial buildings..

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