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Construction Process Timeline

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Standard Construction Process

  • Site selection or lot purchase.
  • Place IHC plans deposit to begin plans process from conceptual plans, to preliminary and final plans.
  • Select construction approach: owner builder, project manager or general contractor.
  • Pre qualify for financing and establish preliminary budget.
  • Begin permitting process.
  • Site preparation.
  • Obtain on site utility, well drilling, and septic plan and permits.
  • Submit preliminary plans to sub contractors as required for bids
  • Approve preliminary plans and submit for engineering review and stamp, if required.
  • Review budget and make changes as required.
  • Approve final plans.
  • Order IHC building package.
  • Develop site plan for land per permit requirements
  • Submit final plans for building permit and financing
  • Letter of commitment for financing and all permits approved.
  • Order any additional required materials.
  • Foundation, utilities installed.
  • IHC package arrives at site.
  • Put together IHC package to a weather-tight shell.
  • Rough-in plumbing and electrical
  • Framing, electrical, plumbing inspections as required.
  • Interior finishes completed and inspected.
  • Landscaping as required, weather permitting.
  • Move in.

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